What are Terpenes?

In general, terpenes are a class of compounds found in cannabis that give the aroma. Terpenes are often advertised in CBD products. There are about 200 terpene-related compounds found in cannabis. In addition to the aromas they impart into the product, many of these compounds are associated with their own health effects, ranging from modulation of THC to sedative, analgesic, and anti-oxidative effects among others.

Why Measure Terpenes?

Reporting of the major terpene levels is required on all products as producers wanting to use these terpenes in their products need an accurate measure of the levels. Terpene analysis is mandated by the State of Nevada to be performed on raw cannabis as well as extracts, edibles, and liquid infused products.

We use gas chromatography with a flame ionization detector to identify and quantify the major terpenes present in your product.

Major Terpenes


From lemon-like descent, limonene not only provides a nice aroma of citrus, but also has stress relief and anxiolytic properties.


Creativity, alertness, wakefulness, and euphoria are associated with this pine-scented terpene. It is also associated with asthma and inflammation relief.


This earthy-scented terpene is known for its sedating properties and all around induction of relaxation.


This floral, almost sweet scented terpene is, like pinene, associated with a calming, almost sedating effect.


This distinctive smelling terpene has been noted to relieve chronic pain and insomnia, on top of having a unique wooden spice aroma.